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Jun 6, 2018



Jun 06, 2018

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Oludamini Ogunnaike

College of William and Mary

Oludamini Ogunnaike’s research interests include Islamic philosophy, spirituality, art, and African and African diasporic religions.

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What Makes Art Islamic?

Oludamini Ogunnaike, Aishah Holland, and Ian Whiteman in conversation

The Islamic arts once represented our tradition as much as theology and law, but today these arts have been sadly neglected. In an age when Muslims increasingly feel compelled to clarify, and even defend, their faith, can we rely again on the arts to communicate the beauty and truth of revelation?

Oludamini Ogunnaike, Elinor Aishah Holland, and Ian Whiteman discuss the intersections of art and theology in Islamic civilization.

This video is taken from an event entitled "The Silent Theology of Islamic Art," held at Zaytuna College in Berkeley, California, on December 17, 2017, and based on an article written by Ogunnaike.