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Mar 4, 2022

Envy and Covetousness

Envy and Covetousness

The Seven Deadly Sins in the Modern World

“In those areas where virtue and vice are concerned, if I recognize and I'm sad about the fact that someone is better than I am that can prompt me, if I respond rightly to it, to pursue virtue more assiduously. So in that sense this natural comparison that we make between ourselves and others need not be vicious. It's just that because we're fallen it often does lead to vice because the sorrow that we feel and not having what others have and we feel a sense of injustice that is not justified.”—Thomas Hibbs

“Admiration, if it's healthy, leads to emulation, but inherent in that is acknowledging the superiority of another. In the context of our time, we don't want to acknowledge the superiority of anyone.”—Hamza Yusuf

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About the Seven Deadly Sins Series

Renovatio editor-in-chief Hamza Yusuf—conversing with scholars, leaders, and writers—explores one of religion’s most enduring conceptual frameworks, the Seven Deadly Sins. These conversations, filmed to capture their warmth and intimacy, shed light on how the sins manifest themselves within us, illustrate their devastating consequences on our culture, and elucidate their corresponding virtues for all of us who struggle with sin.

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