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The Sin of Cosmocide

For Jews and Muslims, Killing a Soul Means Killing All of Humanity

A Macbeth Soliloquy

What can we glean from how Shakespeare wrote it and how Denzel Washington performed it?

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Islam as One Thing, Anything, or Nothing

What the Western Academy Gets Wrong


Distraction and Its Discontents

When we lose focus, we often regret our lack of self-mastery. But is the back and forth of the mind’s losing hold and then regaining it the essence of attention in this life?


Alchemy, Mythology, and Artificial Intelligence

Where ancient priests used ritual to draw down a god to invest dead matter with powers for good or ill, modern science fantasists see the soul as a mere computer program and seek eternal life not in heaven or some cryonic vat but as computer software.



The Ancient Roots of Transhumanist Thinking

Lenn E. Goodman, an expert on Jewish and Islamic metaphysics, joins Esme Partridge to discuss the philosophical heritage of AI—which he locates in the medieval and renaissance study of alchemy—and the implications of our rapid embrace of AI.


Transgenderism and the Violation of Our Angelic Nature

The reconstitution of the human being in accordance with the dictates of tacit or explicit renderings of materialism set in motion a radical rethink of traditional concepts about gender, sexuality, and family.


Counting the Minutes

Every single thing we do, every moment of waking awareness, every instant of our lives might carry value, be significant, and be ordered to some meaningful end.


Spirituality in the Postmodern World

How ought traditional metaphysics grapple with liquid spiritualities that revolve not around objectivity but the individual self, free from all doctrinal restraints?


How do we resist evil? Read "Vanquishing the Monster Within Us"


Malice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass into a Strange New World

A Renovatio public conversation about the modern self examines both the philosophical origins and the impact of the subversive sexual revolution we are witnessing today.


The Untold Stories of Enslaved African Muslim Women in the Americas

Among the enslaved Africans in the Americas, Muslim men have garnered significant attention. But historical records can provide a glimpse into the lives of the forgotten ones: enslaved Muslim women.


Cultural Devolution

How the new victimhood culture rejects human dignity and divinity


How the Law of Love Could Govern Our Hatreds

The love command implies a duty to believe in the possibility of goodness for others—even when we see no evidence of the good in a person’s character or actions.


A Muslim Declaration of Human Rights?

Muslims have long endeavored to produce a modern human rights declaration holistically rooted in their tradition. How might they finally succeed?


Do What Thou Wilt?

A discussion between two scholars—Mohammad Fadel and Hasan Spiker—on an understanding of freedom that permits us to direct our selves and our societies toward the common good.


The Morality in the Mysteries of Dorothy Sayers

When we read Dorothy Sayer’s detective fiction, we engage in a pastime that goes beyond entertainment or escape—we detect not just the crime, but our own humanity.


Images of the Unimaginable God

While the Abrahamic thinkers have always grappled with the question of idolatry, what’s lesser known is that Hindu traditions also abound with critics of attempts to re-present the divine through human forms.


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Facts For Fictions

Does a fiction need to originate in, and rely on, a fact of reality? The answer seems to be: Yes.


Islamic Law and the Children of Adam

Many contemporary human rights can be grounded in laws originating from Islam’s insistence on universal brotherhood.


Rethinking the World Brain

The internet places knowledge at our fingertips, but to assert that we can know things wholly independently is, in one interpretation of the Qur’anic verse, to “transgress our limits.”


In an age of transience, explore ideas that are timeless.

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Is Gluttony Still A Sin?

The Seven Deadly Sins In the Modern World



Protection from Power

Scholars Mohammad Fadel and Lawrence Jannuzzi discuss the contours of equality, power, and hierarchy from both an Islamic legal and contemporary political perspective.


How to Love Like a Poet

Oludamini Ogunnaike & Feraidoon Mojadedi


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