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Beware What Comes Within from Without

Does habitual exposure to digital images destroy the stillness of heart required for seeing God within our soul?

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With God On Our Side? Islam and the Question of Pluralism

Hamza Yusuf, Maria Massi Dakake, and Andrew March held a lively discussion at Zaytuna College regarding Islam and the question of pluralism.


Humane Being: Learning to Be Human

Umar Faruq Abd-Allah discusses the primordial nature of human beings


The Great Chain of Consciousness

Why did many Muslim metaphysicians see the universe and all of its contents as alive?

Feature Articles

How Faith Can Influence Environmental Ethics

The world's great faith traditions might differ on our relationship to nature, but are they unified on an ethical approach to protecting our natural environment?


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Where Have All The Saints Gone?

"People have altogether somehow lost that the true nature of man is the fiţrah, which is the sanctified state."


Finding the Authentic Self

Can experience be a path to self knowledge?


What Images Are Doing to Our Souls

Can spiritual philosophy teach us how to pay attention to the effects digital images have on our souls?


Can Our Science and Economics Honor Nature?

Our insatiable desire to view nature as a material resource can only be repelled by acknowledging immaterial reality.

Feature Articles

The Silent Theology of Islamic Art

To many, Islamic art can speak more profoundly and clearly than even the written word. Is it wiser then for Muslims to show, not to tell?


Is the Matter of Metaphysics Immaterial? Yes and No

During the "Golden Age of Islam," philosophy was at the heart of the intellectual Muslim tradition. Its decline coincided with the decline of Islam. Is that a coincidence?

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Where Islam and Nationalism Collide

"What if each and every ethnic group developed a very strong nationalist movement? There would be bloodshed and chaos until the unforeseeable future."


Wisdom in Pieces

Science, philosophy, and art have been blown apart, and our conversations have devolved into chaos. How do we begin to learn the art of disagreement?

Feature Articles

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