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Medina and Athena: Restoring a Lost Legacy

The divorce between Athena and Medina explains much of what went wrong in the Muslim world.


The Soul of Rhetoric in the Age of Amazon

Our digital lives are so mediated by soulless algorithms that it seems absurd to imagine genuine human relationships governing our online interactions.


Can We Live in Harmony With Nature?

The roots of our environmental crisis are often neglected because, were they to be considered, our worldviews and manners of living would necessarily have to change.


The Islamic Art of Asking Questions

Muslims of the past always tolerated permanent disagreement even about versions of religious truth. Can modern Muslims recapture this tradition?


With God on Our Side? Islam and the Question of Pluralism

Hamza Yusuf on how Islam offers space for pluralism


The Many Sides of Knowledge

If the knowledge we gather is partial and limited, can we truly understand the feelings and experiences of others?


What Islam Gave the Blues

The blues is neither African nor Islamic—rather, it’s an African American creation shaped by some of the most enduring contributions of West African Muslims to American culture.


Must Religious Duty Conflict With Political Order?

To secure the kind of religious freedoms Muslims desire, we must revisit Muslim commitment to religious pluralism and shared obedience to sovereign powers.


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To See the World for the First Time

Can religious traditions help us see what is most mysterious in what is most ordinary?


Why Jews Don't Proselytize

In an ancient world teeming with competing tribal deities, the monotheism of the Jews was distinctive. Was it merely an accident of history that they didn’t spread their faith?


Belief in the Obvious

As truth seekers, we shield ourselves from sophistry through practiced skepticism. But by wielding the weapon of incredulity, could there be another evil that we unwittingly invite?

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The End of Hope

A thought-provoking conversation with Chris Hedges, Zaid Shakir, and Hamza Yusuf about hope, despair, and the future of our nation.


The Truth a Building Speaks

To be erected, buildings need more than brick and mortar; they need a hierarchy of crucial decisions, which ultimately reveal what we value.


Can We All Treat Blasphemy as Taboo?

Should Muslims accept a moral perspective about blasphemy that’s grounded in liberal ethics?


The Secret of the Morality Tale

Only narratives can ensure our ethics take both intention and circumstance into account.


How Faith Can Influence Environmental Ethics

The world's great faith traditions might differ on our relationship to nature, but are they unified on an ethical approach to protecting our natural environment?


“Using the Brain You Gave Me”

Words may be the way that we learn and understand, but, shows Augustine through a dialog with his son, God is the only real teacher.


Of Cannons and Canons

Colonialism universalized modern Western education. As we wrestle with this often bitter legacy, why do calls to “diversify” what we read fall short?


The Human in the Qur’an

How four Qur’anic aspects of humanity combine to make man a distinctive creation.

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Can Materialism Explain the Mind?

Some philosophers believe materialism has now reached an insurmountable quandary in the question of consciousness.


The Silent Theology of Islamic Art

To many, Islamic art can speak more profoundly and clearly than even the written word. Is it wiser then for Muslims to show, not to tell?


The Listening of the Soul

Speaking distinguishes the human, but the soul’s capacity to listen helps us fulfill our human potential.


Humane Being

If we let it, the modern world can alter our fiţrah, or the perfection of our natural disposition. But the path to restoring harmony with our natures may be easier than we think.


The Roots of Our Crises

A speech about the roots of our crises in the modern world and why we started Renovatio


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