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Sacred Truths in a Profane World

Can an alliance of religious believers help humanity emerge from an age of skepticism?


When Does a Human Fetus Become Human?

Scripture and science, taken together, can lead believers to rethink our understanding of when life begins, of the miracle of revelation, and most certainly of abortion.

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The Status of Woman in America

The woman conserves those deeper moral forces which make for the happiness of homes and the righteousness of the country.


Humane Being

If we let it, the modern world can alter our fiţrah, or the perfection of our natural disposition. But the path to restoring harmony with our natures may be easier than we think.


Virtue, Human and Divine

Can the measure of human virtue be set by the character—or the names—of God?


The Secret of the Morality Tale

Only narratives can ensure our ethics take both intention and circumstance into account.


What Conservatism Really Means

Roger Scruton and Hamza Yusuf assess conservatism as an intellectual idea, asking whether it’s more important to conserve the good than to tear down the bad.


Science and Theology: Where the Consonance Really Lies

If we keep in mind the limits of our methods, the deepest aspirations of the sciences and the most essential affirmations of theology are irresistibly apposite.

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The Renovatio Podcast: Audio food for the mind.


From Savagery to Civilization

Poetry fulfills our humanity because it is the language that most makes human culture.

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Vanquishing the Monster Within Us

When we resist the dehumanizing forces of war, we can see the sacred in all human beings.


An Ethos for All?

Why a medieval Christian theologian believed humanity, regardless of creed, could unite around a shared ethic.

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Rules of Engagement

In religious dialogue, are virtue and good manners ultimately as important as, or perhaps more important than, the eloquence of words and the rigor of arguments?

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The Human in the Qur’an

How four Qur’anic aspects of humanity combine to make man a distinctive creation.

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Other People's Truths

Sacred scriptures certainly qualify as Great Books, but can they be read as literature in secular settings?


Wisdom in Pieces

Science, philosophy, and art have been blown apart, and our conversations have devolved into chaos. How do we begin to learn the art of disagreement?

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With God On Our Side? Islam and the Question of Pluralism

Hamza Yusuf, Maria Massi Dakake, and Andrew March held a lively discussion at Zaytuna College regarding Islam and the question of pluralism.


The Silent Theology of Islamic Art

To many, Islamic art can speak more profoundly and clearly than even the written word. Is it wiser then for Muslims to show, not to tell?

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