With God on Our Side? Islam and the Question of Pluralism

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Rules of Engagement

In religious dialogue, are virtue and good manners ultimately as important as, or perhaps more important than, the eloquence of words and the rigor of arguments?

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Beyond Racism

In the absence of a critical assessment of the reality of race and racism in the history of Islam, Muslims remain susceptible to accepting broad generalizations of a colorblind Islamic history.

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Among the Disbelievers

How does the “radical other”—the unbeliever, and not merely the wayward Abrahamic cousin—figure in Islamic discourses on toleration and coercion?

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Where Islam and Nationalism Collide

Islam contains teachings that clearly argue against the most important elements of nationalism.

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Pluralism in a Monoculture of Conformity

Despite the diversity of our countless creeds, colors, and cultures, our society has been subsumed into a monoculture of ersatz arts, entertainment, and consumerism. How can we recapture humanity’s once extraordinary individuality?


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Beware What Comes Within from Without

Does habitual exposure to digital images destroy the stillness of heart required for seeing God within our soul?

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Wisdom in Pieces

Science, philosophy, and art have been blown apart, and our conversations have devolved into chaos. How do we begin to learn the art of disagreement?

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The Silent Theology of Islamic Art

To many, Islamic art can speak more profoundly and clearly than even the written word. Is it wiser then for Muslims to show, not to tell?

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Orientalists, Militants, and the Meanings of Jihad

How widespread misuse of the term “jihad” creates confusion and misunderstanding about a core concept in Islam.


The Pinocchio Within Us

Despite seeming differences, Pinocchio’s reality may almost be identical to our own, even if our noses do not threaten to grow longer at every misdeed.


Sheath Your Sword

The Man Who Spat on Saint Ali

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Finding the Authentic Self

Can experience be a path to self knowledge?


Can Materialism Explain the Mind?

Some philosophers believe materialism has now reached an insurmountable quandary in the question of consciousness.


Great Books and Small Colleges

Eva Brann, the longest-serving tutor of St. John’s College, asserts that learning how to read could be the practical purpose of liberal education.


Where Have All The Saints Gone?

"People have altogether somehow lost that the true nature of man is the fiţrah, which is the sanctified state."


Great Books and Small Colleges

As Zaytuna's dean of faculty, Mark Delp presents the college's conviction that the gap between faith and reason is a modern invention.