Al-Ghazālī on Cause and Effect

If God Is the Only Cause, Can We Have Certainty Fire Will Always Burn?

Inaugural issue—"What's Real and What Is Not"

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Can Materialism Explain the Mind?

Some philosophers believe materialism has now reached an insurmountable quandary in the question of consciousness.


Beware What Comes Within from Without

Does habitual exposure to digital images destroy the stillness of heart required for seeing God within our soul?

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When a Metaphor Becomes Matter for a Christian

Can we use poetics to understand Scripture?

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Do Reason and Revelation Guide Us to the Same Good?

For Jews, Christians, and Muslims confidence in what reason discloses as moral precepts is enriched by God’s act of revealing to us what He requires of us.


The Great Chain of Consciousness

Why did many Muslim metaphysicians see the universe and all of its contents as alive?

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Is the Matter of Metaphysics Immaterial? Yes and No

During the "Golden Age of Islam," philosophy was at the heart of the intellectual Muslim tradition. Its decline coincided with the decline of Islam. Is that a coincidence?

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Finding the Authentic Self

Can experience be a path to self knowledge?