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Virtue, Human and Divine

Can the measure of human virtue be set by the character—or the names—of God?


The Human in the Qur’an

How four Qur’anic aspects of humanity combine to make man a distinctive creation.

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An Ethos for All?

Why a medieval Christian theologian believed humanity, regardless of creed, could unite around a shared ethic.

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Other People's Truths

Sacred scriptures certainly qualify as Great Books, but can they be read as literature in secular settings?


How Faith Can Influence Environmental Ethics

The world's great faith traditions might differ on our relationship to nature, but are they unified on an ethical approach to protecting our natural environment?


Science and Theology: Where the Consonance Really Lies

If we keep in mind the limits of our methods, the deepest aspirations of the sciences and the most essential affirmations of theology are irresistibly apposite.

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The Silent Theology of Islamic Art

To many, Islamic art can speak more profoundly and clearly than even the written word. Is it wiser then for Muslims to show, not to tell?

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When a Metaphor Becomes Matter for a Christian

Can we use poetics to understand Scripture?

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The Renovatio Podcast: Audio food for the mind.


When Does a Human Fetus Become Human?

Scripture and science, taken together, can lead believers to rethink our understanding of when life begins, of the miracle of revelation, and most certainly of abortion.

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Do Reason and Revelation Guide Us to the Same Good?

For Jews, Christians, and Muslims confidence in what reason discloses as moral precepts is enriched by God’s act of revealing to us what He requires of us.


Rules of Engagement

In religious dialogue, are virtue and good manners ultimately as important as, or perhaps more important than, the eloquence of words and the rigor of arguments?

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Notes on Nationalism

The abiding purpose of every nationalist is to secure more power and more prestige, not for himself, but for the nation or other unit in which he has chosen to sink his own individuality.


Finding the Authentic Self

Can experience be a path to self knowledge?


The Roots of Our Crises

A speech about the roots of our crises in the modern world and why we started Renovatio


Pluralism in a Monoculture of Conformity

Despite the diversity of our countless creeds, colors, and cultures, our society has been subsumed into a monoculture of ersatz arts, entertainment, and consumerism. How can we recapture humanity’s once extraordinary individuality?


Can Materialism Explain the Mind?

Some philosophers believe materialism has now reached an insurmountable quandary in the question of consciousness.


Sacred Truths in a Profane World

Can an alliance of religious believers help humanity emerge from an age of skepticism?

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