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Mar 10, 2022

Is Gluttony Still A Sin?

Is Gluttony Still A Sin?

The Seven Deadly Sins In the Modern World

“Vices are parasitic upon virtues. They're disordered virtues. It's really important when we talk about gluttony to also talk about fasting because gluttony is the corresponding vice to the virtue of fasting. The movement from predation to illumination is the center of the journey of Christianity and of the spiritual life.”—Anna Bonta Moreland

“In our culture, we tend not to talk about larger social issues at play in people's behavior. We don't talk about this economy that sucks the meaning out of peoples' lives such that they search for meaning in food.”—William Cavanaugh

“The scholastics saw that gluttony came out of pride. The pride that came out of it was this idea that you could satisfy yourself through food—not seeing that it's only through God that one can be truly satisfied.”—Hamza Yusuf

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About the Seven Deadly Sins Series

Renovatio editor-in-chief Hamza Yusuf—conversing with scholars, leaders, and writers—explores one of religion’s most enduring conceptual frameworks, the Seven Deadly Sins. These conversations, filmed to capture their warmth and intimacy, shed light on how the sins manifest themselves within us, illustrate their devastating consequences on our culture, and elucidate their corresponding virtues for all of us who struggle with sin.

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