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Feb 23, 2022

The Vice of Sloth

The Vice of Sloth

The Seven Deadly Sins in the Modern World

“Lack of interest is the most dangerous vice there is. Generations that can’t find something of interest make war.” —Eva Brann

“Sloth is spiritual laziness. Spiritual traditions always understood that you could be very busy in the world but not have worked on your soul.”—Hamza Yusuf

Award-winning educator Eva Brann speaks with Hamza Yusuf on the insidious vice of sloth. They uncover the ways in which sloth is far more devastating to the individual and society than is widely understood.

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About the Seven Deadly Sins Series

Renovatio editor-in-chief Hamza Yusuf—conversing with scholars, leaders, and writers—explores one of religion’s most enduring conceptual frameworks, the Seven Deadly Sins. These conversations, filmed to capture their warmth and intimacy, shed light on how the sins manifest themselves within us, illustrate their devastating consequences on our culture, and elucidate their corresponding virtues for all of us who struggle with sin.

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